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It’s Called A Curve!

TheDiscipleMD The summer after high school graduation I played on the local American Legion Baseball Team. It was a team composed of the best high school players in the area. I was thrilled to make the team and I gained a starting spot playing centerfield for the team. I had one of the most outstanding […]

Adam and Eve

Satan Doesn’t Want Us To Know Our True Identity!

TheDiscipleMd One of the doctrines that seem to bother our Christian brothers and sisters is our concept that we can become like God. This concept seems like blasphemy to them. The teaching of this concept and similar reaction is not new. Listen to the words of Jesus Christ as spoken to the Jews. “I and […]


Making A ‘Short’ Story ‘Long’!

TheDiscipleMD We have all heard people say, “Well, to make a long story short…”, yet, more often than not people tend to make “a short story long.” Such is the case with the gospel as taught by Jesus Christ. A quick, or extensive examination of the teachings of Christ reveal quite clearly that His gospel was […]

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