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The Hairs On Our Heads Are Numbered!

TheDiscipleMD How much is a basketball worth? 10 bucks, 20 bucks? How much is it worth if it is signed by LeBron James? 100 dollars, 200 dollars? How much is that ball worth if it was signed by LeBron James and the ball was used in his first game as an NBA player in 2003?, […]


Being ‘Single’ In A ‘Home Run’ Church

TheDiscipleMD I know it can’t be easy sitting in the pews alone, when everyone around you seems to be seated as a family. I know it takes courage to continue coming to church when the lessons and talks are a constant reminder of the wonders and blessings of being married and raising children unto God. […]


Seven Habits Of A Highly Effective Priesthood Leader: Part Two

TheDiscipleMD 5) Honor The Priesthood- Respect it and use it only in the service of our fellow man. There is no room in the priesthood for selfish aggrandizement and for the seeking of the honors of men. “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they […]


Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Priesthood Leaders

TheDisicpleMD I’m still serving and still learning. However, a few things I have learned to date about leadership  is this: 1) Enjoy the calling- Smile when we serve. Our time in the trenches will be short-lived and when our time to serve comes to an end, we will probably find that we will miss it. While some callings can be challenging, there […]

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