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A “Mite-y” Song From The Heart

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago in Sacrament Meeting, the congregation was  treated to one of the most beautiful vocal solos I have heard. The brother singing was a professional and I was inspired by the song he sang. While listening I was taken back twenty years to another solo that inspired me.   As a family we were attending […]


Seven Habits Of A Highly Effective Priesthood Leader: Part Two

TheDiscipleMD 5) Honor The Priesthood- Respect it and use it only in the service of our fellow man. There is no room in the priesthood for selfish aggrandizement and for the seeking of the honors of men. “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they […]


Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Priesthood Leaders

TheDisicpleMD I’m still serving and still learning. However, a few things I have learned to date about leadership  is this: 1) Enjoy the calling- Smile when we serve. Our time in the trenches will be short-lived and when our time to serve comes to an end, we will probably find that we will miss it. While some callings can be challenging, there […]


She Delcared, “I’m Just Dating Him, I’m Not Marrying Him!” (But Later She Did!)

TheDiscipleMD I remember her standing up in the middle of the religion class I was teaching, and defiantly stating to her high school classmates, “I’m just dating him, I’m not marrying him!” But a few months later she did. I don’t know for sure what drove that young lady to stand up and make such […]

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