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BYU honor code

What Every Parent Should Share With Their Children!(About The Honor Code)

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago, while one of my sons was away from home attending college, he called and complained about how restrictive and ridiculous the ‘honor code’ system was at the church sponsored university he was attending. As he put it, “I am a grown adult. I served a two-year full-time mission and I am capable […]


Let “The American Idol” Be

TheDiscipleMD My wife and I were watching the news a few years ago when a human interest story came across the six o’clock news. It was a heart wrenching story of a little boy who is suffering from the effects of cancer. I didn’t catch the details of the prognosis for this young boy but the story […]

jesus in wilderness

I Am As One Crying In The Wilderness

TheDiscipleMD Have you ever been alone and lost in the woods?  I’m sure, if you are like me, that you have experienced it on more than one occasion. One such occurrence happened while I was hiking in the mountains near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Many years ago, I was on a Boy Scout hike and somehow I took […]


This Will Give You A Laugh!

TheDiscipleMD Scrolled across the top of the paper in my Mother’s beautiful cursive handwriting is a note which simply said: “This will give you a laugh.” She was right! REMEMBER, THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM, BUT IT IS THE SECOND MOUSE THAT GETS THE CHEESE! EAGLES MAY SOAR, BUT WEASELS DON’T GET SUCKED INTO JET ENGINES […]

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