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The Story Of Peter And Cornelius Testifies Of The Need For Continuing Revelation!

TheDiscipleMD Cornelius was a righteous Gentile man who was humble and sought the will of God. In answer to his prayers he was given a vision in which an angel directed him to call on a man named Peter, the apostle, who was residing in the city of Joppa. He immediately sent men to find […]


A Marriage Of Manipulation

TheDisicpleMd Have you ever been with a  married couple and seen one of the spouses try to manipulate the other?  We all have seen it and perhaps many of us have been guilty of it. It’s wrong! The unfortunate aspect of manipulation is that often the innocent party doesn’t recognize it because, well, when you are […]


She Asked:”Is This Call From The Lord?”

TheDiscipleMD It has been over thirty years ago when, on assignment from the Bishop, I met with a sister in the ward to issue her a call. I was serving as a counselor in the Bishopric and the Bishop asked me if I would meet with her. I was young and relatively inexperienced in church priesthood […]

jimmer fredette bulls

The Redemption Of Jimmer!

TheDiscipleMD [Redemption-the purchase back of something that had been lost, by the payment of a ransom. (Easton’s Bible Dictionary)] Things don’t always go like we want or plan them to in this life.  One minute you can be ‘the king of the world’, and the next,  down in the lowest depths of its regions. Such has been […]

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