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ice cream cone

What Flavor Of Ice Cream Am I?

TheDiscipleMD I number of years ago I was reminded of an important principle when my wife and I visited a rural town in Pennsylvania.  We were sitting in an ice cream shop in Strasburg on a Saturday night enjoying good food and looking forward to an ice cream treat. My wife said to me “Look at how everyone […]

bobby murcer 2

A Man is Better Measured By The Life He Lives (Than…)

TheDiscipleMD I have every Topps baseball card of him. He came up with the Yankees just as my hero Bobby Richardson retired, so I followed him throughout his career. He was touted as the next Mickey Mantle but never lived up to the hype. In 2008 Bobby Murcer died of brain cancer at the sage of 62. Most people […]

snow cone

Don’t Buy Into “Hot” Snow Balls!

TheDiscipleMD Some of my favorite memories are attending professional baseball games with my Dad and brother. On one occasion back in the 1960’s we were attending a game between the New York Yankees and the Washington Senators at RFK stadium in Washington D.C.. My brother and I were both young boys excited about the game […]


Listen To Your Mother

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago, I was reading in the newspaper when I came across an article entitled “Elusive family friendly TV.” Written by Linda Chavez, it opens with this paragraph: “Am I imagining it or is television becoming even more family unfriendly? For years now, primetime television fare has offered a steady diet […]

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