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grandpa in porch swing

There Will Be No Rent To Pay! (And Nobody Will Ever Put You Out Again)

TheDiscipleMD Service to others was always a hallmark of the Savior. Thomas Monson told of an example of service that his grandfather displayed when he related the following story.  I remember listening to his talk and feeling that the essence of the gospel was best demonstrated by this story. “My mother’s father, Grandfather Thomas Condie, also taught me a […]

family dinner

The Family Pot Roast

TheDiscipleMD There is a old story told about a young woman who, in fixing her first Sunday dinner for her new husband, cut the ends off of a pot roast, and threw the perfectly good meat into the garbage. Her husband asked her why she was throwing the good meat away. She stared at him […]

Camera 143

Everyone Knows And Everybody Cares!

TheDiscipleMD On a tombstone was carved the following epitaph: Here lies a miser who lived for himself, And cared for nothing but gathering pelf, Now, where he is, or how he fares, Nobody knows and nobody cares. Gordon B. Hinckley once  said that those who reach out to lift and serve others “will come to know […]

walt whitman hs

Simplicity Is The Glory Of Expression! (Or Why We All Need A Good Slap On The Back From Time To Time)

TheDiscipleMD In February of 1974 I  found myself in the midst of the county wrestling championships. The wrestling tournament was always held at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. Walt Whitman High School was home to an athletic facility that was matched by no other school in the county and possibly by no other […]

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