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casey at the bat

When We Are At The Bat!

TheDiscipleMD Most of us have, at one time or the other, read or heard a rendition of the tragic baseball poem, “Casey At The Bat.” It was written by Ernest Thayer and was published in the San Francisco Examiner in the year 1888. It tells the tale of a team from Mudville who is losing going into […]


From JFK to…?

TheDiscipleMD When I was a young boy I was often told that I looked like Timmy, the young boy on Lassie. Later as a young man quite often I was compared to JFK, which was flattering to me. But recently my daughter  compared  me to an aging British comedian who I think is quite a homely fellow.   […]


Our RSVP To The Lord’s Wedding

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my wife and I attended three different marriage receptions for friends of ours on the same weekend.  Receptions are wonderful occasions for the entire family of the bride and groom. Often,  huge expense is incurred in order to celebrate the union of the couple.  Having married children, I know of the painstaking time and energy […]


Don’t Forget The Old Horses

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I was in charge of our stake youth softball tournament. It is always enjoyable to play but that year was made more so by having the Stake President participate. He and I are old teammates from many years ago and share a love of the game. The next day he sent me a […]

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