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Rich Memories Of A Retired Paperboy

  TheDiscipleMd As a little boy and through young manhood I was a Paperboy. I delivered the Washington Post everyday early in the morning. On many of those mornings my mother would help me by driving the car. It gave me one on one time with her and led to some wonderful conversations and experiences. […]

orioles dogpile

Electricity Was In The Air

TheDiscipleMD SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 (From the archives) I knew it would be a historic night for Major League Baseball. That’s why I asked my wife if she would go to the final game of the season in Baltimore. The Orioles are, and have been, perennial losers the past fifteen years. But the dreaded Boston Red Soxs were […]

ballot box

Choosing Our Leaders By Popular Demand

TheDiscipleMD Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your church leader could always be someone you loved? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a say about who would be the next Bishop of our ward? Wouldn’t it be nice if “we the people” choose our next Stake President? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the “popular” […]

farmers tan

The Spiritual ‘Farmers Tan’

TheDisciplesMD The term “farmer’s tan”, means that someone has a tan on limited parts of the body, much like a farmer would have when working outdoors in the hot summer sun. Typically that means the arms and the neck. The rest of the body, on a Caucasian, will be pasty white! Interestingly, I found out […]

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