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I Don’t Understand Why ‘Smoking’ Makes Me A Bad Person!

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago we held an open house at the church. I had direct responsibility over the event.  I was in the middle of a conversation with a lady when another woman came into the chapel. I directed one of our members to help her. Later, I was told that she was inquiring in […]

evil in the air

Evil In The Air (When Hearts Grow Faint!)

TheDiscipleMD I sat there in disbelief. The phone rang and it was my brother asking if I had heard the news regarding the towers. We talked for a few minutes then ended our conversation so we could listen to updated reports.  Feelings of panic began to set in and I wondered about the safety of […]

washing of the feet

The ‘Public’ And The ‘Private’ Servant

TheDiscipleMD Recently I heard a politician defend his maleficence ways by saying that he had been a “public servant” for over forty years. His point being that he had served us, the people, and therefore should be given a little “slack.” I would argue with him that not only has he been paid for his […]

5 Day Trip 042

Five Days In June

TheDiscipleMD Brandywine, Philadelphia, Saratoga, Fort Ticondaroga, West Point, Princeton, Crossing of the Delaware, Brooklyn Bridge and Valley Forge! What do all of these historical places have in common? All are historical places of significance that my Dad, my brother and I visited in a whirlwind five-day span from June 9 to June 13 a few […]

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