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The Night My Wife And I Were Booed!

TheDiscipleMD My wife and I got Booed the other night! But it was such a wonderful feeling!  It meant that somebody cared for, and was thinking of us.  It made our night! It is the simple gestures in life that mean so much. Last night my wife found a plate of goodies on our doorstep with […]


It Felt So ‘Natural!’ (Dreams Do Come True!)

TheDisicpleMD A few years ago I dreamed that I took the elevator down to the visitors locker room in Oriole Park at Camden Yard. I walked with glove in hand from the locker room to the visitors dugout. It was like any other dugout I had been in, except it looked out onto the most beautifully […]

shock trauma

A New Dawn From A Dreadful Night!

TheDiscipleMD Upon arriving at the hospital and inquiring at the information desk, I was asked “Are you the preacher?” A bit startled, as I had never been addressed as such, I weakly replied that I was. I was hurriedly led down a hallway to a room. As I entered the room I saw my friend […]

the bible

We Believe ‘The Bible’ To Be the Word Of God! (How History Can Get In The Way Of Facts)

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago my family and I took a trip to New England with my wife’s parents. On that trip we took the opportunity to visit Boston, Massachusetts. In Boston we took the time to go to the intersection of Devonshire and State Streets. Unlike many historical locations, this “spot” is well […]

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