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The Blessing Of New Daughters

TheDiscipleMD They make me laugh, they put up with my jokes, they humor me.  Maybe it is just because I am their father-in-law and they want to keep peace but I like to think they feel my affection and really do enjoy being with me. I know that I really enjoy being with them! I’m […]

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Swiftly ‘Shake It Off’

TheDiscipleMD I think it was my older brother who I first recall telling me to ‘shake it off.’ Usually he told me this after holding me down and pounding on my arm till it hurt so bad I would start to cry.  I think I was six years old at the time and he was […]

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Blind To The Obvious

TheDiscipleMD I proof read everything I write before I post it.  Sometimes, depending on time, I do it more than once. I spell check it,  but notwithstanding my efforts, I almost always send out a post that has an error in it. Be it a misspelling, the wrong use of a word, or perhaps a run on […]

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The Father Of All Lies

TheDiscipleMD I was just 21, in love, and shopping for a wedding ring with my then fiancée. She locked her eyes on a ring that was a little more pricey than I wanted to pay.  The problem with buying something is that the salesperson always take’s the side of the “wantee”, hence, you are outnumbered, two […]

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