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“You Are A Very Blessed Man!”

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago one of my clients surveyed my office and spied the pencil drawing of my five children. He got up and examined it. He said they looked like me. He asked me about them and I gave him a quick rundown of their lives. He looked at me and said “You are […]

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That Pesky Testimony

TheDiscipleMD The other night I was in the midst of testifying to a young couple of the reality of the plan of salvation as revealed in these the latter-days. They took turns asking thought-provoking questions regarding the afterlife. We searched the scriptures together to find the answers. We talked of the temporary state of those […]


I’M FROZEN And I Can’t Let It Go!

TheDiscipleMD Despite the fact that my wife and I have not been raising young children for a couple of decades I still woke up in a sweat the other  night to the sound of my granddaughters high-pitched singing of: Let it go, let it go Can’t hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go That song is […]


Let’s Go To Luckenbach, Texas, Where Ain’t Nobody Feeling No Pain!

TheDiscipleMD When Waylon Jennings sang about moving to Luckenbach, Texas, he was essentially saying he wanted out of the material world that he and his wife were living in, and that they needed to go back to a more simple and humble life.  Worldly cares have gotten worse since he sang that song. Materialism really is killing the […]

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