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The Second Most Popular Post of 2014

TheDiscipleMD LIVING WITH IMPERFECTION OR ‘YOU MISSED A SPOT!’ (October 7, 2014) “A few years ago I had the assignment of cleaning the meetinghouse along with a few other members. I ended up vacuuming most of the building. At one point, I found myself working next to a sister in our ward. She was cleaning […]


The Third Most Popular Post of 2014

TheDiscipleMD REASONS KNOWN ONLY TO GOD (December 1, 2014) “It was mid July of 1977. I was driving cross-country on a tour of the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission with my companion and the Mission President.  The Mission President was riding in the front passenger seat, while my companion slumbered in the back seat.  It […]


Eternal Marriage: The Backbone Of The Restoration

TheDiscipleMD If you talk to anyone: I mean anyone,  they share a common belief. With few exceptions, it is a belief that relationships formed in this life will be there in the next. And although most believe it, the religious doctrines of their faith doesn’t match the god given instincts they are feeling. No matter what Christian denominational funeral service you attend, the preacher speaks […]


Inspirational Thoughts From 2014

The Disciple Md Inspirational thoughts from TheDiscipleMd for the year 2014- “There is only one who is qualified to know the “end, the width, the height, depth, and the misery” of our problems, and that is Jesus Christ.  Because, He has “descended” below us all! He really has felt the same pain and reached the […]

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