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jesus christ restoration

If It Be Of God, Ye Cannot Overthrow It!

TheDiscipleMd As recorded in the fifth Acts of the apostles, after the death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, the apostles Peter and John went about preaching, testifying and healing the sick in the name of Jesus.  Their influence and power was so electric that the multitudes brought forth the sick in hopes “that at […]


Who Knows What I’ll Find!

TheDiscipleMD The other day my 86-year-old Father and I were having lunch, which is something we try to do at least once a week. We shared important memories, ideals and concepts. At one point during the conversation the dialogue veered onto the social problems of the day. We talked about it and the more we […]

Washington D.C. Temple

Closed Out Of A Sealing

TheDiscipleMD One of the great joys of life is sharing special moments with good friends. One of those moments is the marriage of a son or daughter. As you grow older the invitations to such timeless events increase. So, over the past twenty years my wife and I have received numerous invitations from our friends […]

face of stork

When The Face Of ‘The Stork’ Is Revealed!

TheDiscipleMD This week I again witnessed the marvel of birth.  My daughter and her husband welcomed a healthy baby daughter into this world. Being in the room as a baby is being delivered is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.  You don’t quite  know how to describe the whole affair except by uttering the trite […]

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