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face of stork

When The Face Of ‘The Stork’ Is Revealed!

TheDiscipleMD This week I again witnessed the marvel of birth.  My daughter and her husband welcomed a healthy baby daughter into this world. Being in the room as a baby is being delivered is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.  You don’t quite  know how to describe the whole affair except by uttering the trite […]


The Ghosts Of Pioneer Past

TheDiscipleMD I once watched a documentary on the Public Broadcasting Service about animals that live in the desert.  The show highlighted the fact that at first glance it appeared that very few animals lived in such harsh conditions.  As the camera panned the landscape there seemed to be no life.  But, upon closer examination the […]


He Has A Lot To Say!

The DiscipleMD Recently I heard a humorous story of a husband and a wife who were getting ready to go out with friends for the evening. As they got ready to leave the wife turned to her husband and said, “Now remember to let others express themselves. Sometimes you talk a lot!” The husband responded […]

driving in fog

But Complaining Is So Much Fun!

TheDiscipleMD Complaining about church leaders is so much fun that some of  us develop the habit of doing it our whole lives.  It’s just so much easier to be a complainer rather than a supporter. I think a good rule of thumb regarding complaining is that we should be willing to volunteer to be part of the “solution” […]

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