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Jesus loves you

Jesus Loves You But I’m His Favorite

TheDiscipleMD The other day I was driving behind a typical van with a sticker on the back that showed the owners “pride” in having an honor roll child in their home.  Following the sticker was the now popular add-on sticker of “again”, meaning, “more than once”.  This particular van must have been driven by someone […]

tab choir

Who Are They Talking About? (It Certainly Can’t Be The People I Love So Dearly)

TheDiscipleMD In August of 1963 Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous speech now known as “I Have a Dream”. I was seven years old at the time. I quote him from his outstanding talk. “I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still […]


The Stagecoach Story: A Parable On Priesthood Leadership

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I found myself seated on the last row of pews for my 9am Sacrament Meeting. I was watching over and trying to control my four sons, the oldest of which was nine. My wife had just had our fifth child that week and was home for the day. It so happened that this […]

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