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No Man is An Island!

TheDiscipleMD I about had a heart attack! I came within inches of hitting a man who was jogging on the side of the road. By the time my car headlights hit him it left me no more than a split second to swerve so as not to hit him. Perhaps I wouldn’t have hit him […]

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Advice Worthy Of A Queen

TheDiscipleMD Over thirty years ago my companion and I got off a bus as young missionaries in a town called Villa Regina. We were the first ever to be assigned from the church to this small town in Argentina. One of the first things I recall learning about the town was the translation of its name. Villa is, […]

peter keys

The Acts of The Apostles Testify Of The Need For Continuing Revelation

TheDiscipleMd There are many lessons taught by the story of Cornelius found in the book of Acts. One is of the need for continuing revelation. If you remember the story, Cornelius was a righteous Gentile man who was humble and sought the will of God. In answer to his prayers he was given a vision in which […]

russell m ballard

Let Not The Law Rob The Spirit!

TheDiscipleMD Over the years the leaders of the church have addressed every major doctrinal and social issue of our day.  Often they give counsel and although we say we listen, often our memories fail to remind us to take action. We hear the words, but don’t apply the principles taught. After all, it is easy to acknowledge words but […]

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