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A ‘Haunting’ Lesson From A Halloween Past

TheDiscipleMD The other night I was reminiscing with my wife about a Halloween night of my childhood. I don’t recall exactly what age I was, but I know I was around ten. As kids we normally traveled in small packs on Halloween night, more than two but less than six. On this night I had pared […]


I Was A Teenage Mormon Zombie

TheDiscipleMD I was born and raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormon, as some prefer to call us. I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland just outside Washington D.C. so I was a religious anomaly in my schools. Yet, I blended in very well and grew […]

George Romney

Humor Has It!

TheDiscipleMD I have always believed that Jesus Christ was a person with a pleasant disposition and an ability to be cheerful in times of great trial. I also believe that a sense of humor is important in balancing our lives. I thought I would pass along a few humorous statements from church leaders over the […]


I Gave You A Prophet!

TheDiscipleMD Over 30 years ago  I was teaching Seminary, as a volunteer, at a major university. Class started at 7am each day and the class consisted of twenty-five to thirty junior and seniors. At age 26 I was full of energy and vitality and I did my best to keep the attention of groggy teenagers who wanted to be somewhere else […]

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