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Do We ‘Duck’ As Followers Of Christ?

TheDiscipleMD The other day I was out at a local park with my wife and granddaughter, which also had a pond. We ate lunch and then took the leftovers and started to feed the ducks. Up to that point they had not shown much interest in us but as soon as the food started to […]

dancing fool

Sometimes You Just Have To Dance!

In the early years of my marriage I was working a full-time job, a part-time job, and going to school part-time. My wife, a new mother,  was stuck in a small apartment, alone, for most of the day. She had no car, TV, and no money to speak of. And this was the days before the Internet […]


A Glimpse Into Christina’s World

TheDiscipleMD Perhaps you know the background to one of America’s most well-known paintings of the middle 20th century. Perhaps not! The painting pictured is called, “Christina’s World” and was painted in 1948 by Andrew Wyeth. The woman in the painting was a neighbor girl named Christina. She suffered from polio that paralyzed her lower body. Wyeth […]


Be Not Afraid, Only Believe!

TheDiscipleMD He was fairly emotional when our instructor, now in his seventies, pronounced one Sunday: “There was a time in my life when I lost all hope. The feeling was desolate, lonely, wretched and evil. It was then, after losing my hope that I leaned on other’s hope so that I could survive. That was […]

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