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Al Capone

Legalizing Capone

TheDiscipleMD Al Capone was an American gangster in the 1920’s and 30’s. Among the crimes that he committed was racketeering. “A racket is an illegal business… Engaging in a racket is called racketeering. Several forms of racket exist… A well-known example is the numbers racket, a form of illegal lottery.” ( Wikipedia). Although he was […]


When You Are ‘Fingered’ Out!

TheDiscipleMD It was a hot summer day several years ago when I was patiently waiting in the left turn lane not too far from my house. I was the last car in the lane so I was not surprised when the light turned green that it took a few seconds for the line to move. […]


Bearing The Cross!

TheDiscipleMD One of the more memorable experiences I had as a young man in the church was a canoe trip during the summer of 1971. That summer the young men of the ward took a trip to the lakes of Minnesota. There at the Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base began a week of great beauty. […]

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