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Jacob & Esau

A Very Expensive Bowl Of Soup!

TheDiscipleMD Losing is something that happens to all of us in this life. Even for good men, life is full of disappointments! The same can be said of good women. I have heard often throughout my life  that as a businessman that if I obeyed the “golden rule” I would sooner or later prosper.  I have also often […]


Leaving The Porchlight On For Our Prodigal Children

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago there was a special program put on by the children at our church. As I surveyed the congregation I was delighted to see at least seven young adults in attendance who prior to the day had not chosen the path of their church going parents. Perhaps they were there for just that day, […]

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I Hope…This Message Finds Its Way To You!

TheDiscipleMD Many years have gone by since I arrived with my family to the stake. Most of those years I have spent with you, the youth! Time has a funny way of changing things. Many of you are now my peers. While I accept and welcome you as such, you will always be, in my mind’s […]

The Disciple

When We Deprive Ourselves

TheDiscipleMD On a Sunday a number of years ago, I was visiting one of the church branches in the city. I took my wife with me that day.  Finding time to spend together when you have five children at home is sometimes hard to come by,  so she rode with me to my assignment.  I went into the chapel […]

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