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Putting A ‘Headlight’ On Our Habits

TheDiscipleMd The car I have been driving for a number of years has a nice feature on it that I enjoy. The lights are automatic! That is, they can be set to turn on and off, automatically, according to the darkness of the surrounding atmosphere. For instance, they will automatically go on when going through […]


When Changing Laws Is ‘Right’

TheDiscipleMD It was around six o’clock in the morning on a work day when I found myself sitting impatiently at a stoplight on my way to work. It was the spring of 1975 as I waited and waited and waited for that light to turn green. I looked around and could see no car in […]

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The Daily Dilemma Of A Lay Church Leader

TheDiscipleMD Over my lifetime I have given unnumbered hours in service to the church. I have done so willingly and without reservation knowing that the time was well spent. Some critics of the church have charged that members are encouraged to serve in the church at the expense of their families. That the church, which […]

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Charitable Extortion!

TheDiscipleMD We are coming to an end of a season that is known for its charitable giving.  However, the two words charitable and extortion,  are two words and concepts that don’t belong together.  Among various definitions the word “charity” has always meant to me the voluntary giving of something, be it time, money, energy, etc., to a good cause. […]

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