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whether we adjust

Whether We Adjust To The Weather Makes All The Difference

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago on a winter drive across the country my wife and I had planned on stopping one night around ten o’clock in the evening. However, around six the weather started to turn bad and despite my ambition to continue driving, I made the decision to pull over in a small town in Iowa, population […]

Boyd K Packer

The Fallacy Of Rank

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I attended an Area Training Meeting presided over by Boyd K. Packer. In the notes recorded at that meeting are these regarding some thoughts from Elder Packer. I quote from them: “Some members of the church-and this is best illustrated in blessing the sick- believe that the higher the authority, the […]


“I Want You to Never Forget That Jesus Exists!”

TheDiscipleMd (As told to me by a man in his eighties that I have great admiration for, and who has led an exemplary life) It was 1959. My family was on vacation and was returning home. On the drive I started to have thoughts about my Dad and could not concentrate on anything else. When […]

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