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“I Don’t Think You Know How Much I Love You!”

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my family had a special evening to celebrate the life of my older brother who was dying of a terminal disease.  He seemed to enjoy the evening although it was evident to me that he was in pain.  For me, it was a wonderful evening that testified of the love and support […]


A Dead-End Life?

TheDiscipleMD “Wherefore, because that Satan rebelled against me, and sought to destroy the agency of man, which I, the Lord God, had given the power of mine Only Begotten, I caused that he should be cast down; and he became Satan, yea, the father of all lies…” (Moses 4:3-4) It is not unusual to […]


Modern Anesthesiology Inspired By Story Of Adam & Eve!

TheDiscipleMD Who could have guessed that the Old Testament could give an inspirational kick to the advancement of modern Anesthesiology. Yet, apparently it was, by verses found in the second chapter of Genesis. “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, […]


When Opposition Is Not ‘Loyal’

THEDISCIPLEMD Over the course of years I have listened to and followed, not always exact, but certainly with support, the brethren who have been called to preside over me. Sometimes it is not always clear as to the “whys” of the directions given but I have taken it in good faith that they are inspired […]

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