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Some People Have All The Luck

TheDiscipleMD I have a policyholder who has been coming into my office for over twenty-five years. He is a nice guy who has a habit of talking down life. Every time I see him I ask him how things are going. The other day he replied, “Pretty good but I’m trying to get over it”. […]


Are Years Of Our Lives Being Devoured By The Locusts?

TheDiscipleMD “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…” (Joel 2:25) The book of Joel centers on a prophecy that Joel made after the land of Judah was smitten with a severe drought and with locusts because of their unrighteousness. Joel assured the people that through repentance they would again […]


‘She’s A Terrible Wife!’

TheDiscipleMD I was unexpectedly called out of a class I was attending one long ago Sunday afternoon, because I was told that a man wanted to see the Bishop. In the hall I found a rather distraught man in his early thirties who pleasantly greeted me and requested that we meet. As we sat down […]


On The Heels Of The Bishop

Several years ago I accompanied the Bishop to make a visit to a family that had just lost a loved one. I sat and listened to their sorrowful words and watched as tears ran down their cheeks. I watched the Bishop show tenderness and kindness in his thoughts and actions. He received nothing for his […]

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