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The God Of Hope!

TheDiscipleMD Going to the funeral of a loved one is a sobering thing. One who was so alive, now lies peacefully but silently in a coffin. Yesterday morning on the drive to work, I reflected, again, on the inevitable separation from loved ones that awaits me. I must admit that I came to tears. It […]

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This Most Sacred Union

TheDiscipleMD Over the years I have posted on almost every subject regarding Christian principles and subjects.  None more important than the subject of marriage and the relationship between husbands and wives.  While I am no expect, I share with you seventeen of my posts over the years that I hope in someway provide a bit of […]


On The Heels Of The Bishop

Several years ago I accompanied the Bishop to make a visit to a family that had just lost a loved one. I sat and listened to their sorrowful words and watched as tears ran down their cheeks. I watched the Bishop show tenderness and kindness in his thoughts and actions. He received nothing for his […]


We Are Lost But Found!

A few years ago I found myself in a serious conversation with a good friend. In the mist of our discussion, which centered on the purpose of this life, I mentioned that every hundred years or so, the Lord cleanses the earth of all the people. I told him that the houses in this neighborhood […]

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