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Reasons Known Only To God

TheDiscipleMD It was mid July of 1977. I was driving cross-country on a tour of the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission with my companion and the Mission President.  The Mission President was riding in the front passenger seat, while my companion slumbered in the back seat.  It was nearing dusk as I peacefully drove along somewhere between the […]

Jesus boat

The Jesus Boat

TheDiscipleMD The weather is an unpredictable thing. It is only in modern times that we even have the scientific ability to make educated guesses as to the coming week’s climate and precipitation. Through the miracle of satellites, not only are we able to reasonably predict the weather, but we are able to protect ourselves against […]

still small voice

“When You Showed Up Unannounced, I Knew The Lord Still Loved Me!”

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago on a Sunday I drove to a chapel  to conduct some church business. While attending I spoke with the local church leader.  One of the brothers I needed  to speak to was home with a sick baby. He invited me to visit with him at his home.  It had already been a long day […]


Spiritual Gettysburg

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago I spent time with family on the battlefield of Gettysburg. There are many lessons to be learned from examining its history and resulting consequences. Of more interest to me were the personal stories of those that participated in that bloody battle. One such story is of a Confederate Colonel named Isaac Avery. […]

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