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When Your Favorite Food Is Value Meal ‘#7’!

I venture to say that most American families are not sitting down, as they once did, to eat regular home-cooked meals. This fact was comically brought to the forefront of my mind when a senior on a local high school basketball listed in the school sports guide that his favorite meal was “Value Meal number […]


The Assassination Of Noah (Hollywood Style)

TheDiscipleMD I know that movies can sometimes exaggerate and take licence with historical characters, but after watching the movie “Noah” a couple of years ago, I couldn’t help but notice that the writers succumbed to the common Hollywood stereotypical depiction of a loony prophet of God gone mad. I guess it wouldn’t be so bothersome if you knew that everyone was […]


We Demand Justice! (But Do We Really Want What’s Coming To Us?)

TheDiscipleMD What a great blessing it is to have a father who has words of wisdom to impart, and that seem to flow effortlessly through him. I have such a father. It seems that each time we talk, I do most of the talking, but he does all of the teaching. I would probably learn […]


Feeling the Pain Of Hannah!

TheDiscipleMD If you know the story of Samuel, you know that his mother’s name was Hannah. Found in the first chapter of Samuel is the heart wrenching story of how Hannah was barren, unable to have children. In her desire to be a mother she prayed mightily to the Lord to give her  a son. If He […]

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