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The ‘Genius’ And ‘Job’ Of The Family

TheDisicpleMD Several years ago I read about the death of Steven Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Incorporated. By many accounts, he was a great genius of our time. He revolutionized the communications field. He was relatively young, 56, when cancer took his life. His ingenious works will long leave an imprint on this world. In reading about […]

Rolex Press Kit 2010

Prove To Me That God Exists!

TheDiscipleMD Over the course of my life I have had a number of conversations with individuals who challenge the existence of a supreme being. They want some kind of proof that a God exists. A number of years ago I took some church youth on a short hike. Prior to the hike I had gone up the trail  […]

Miracles 2

Faith In Miracles Is Worth A Try

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago one of my sons, than eleven, calmly approached me to ask if I would buy him an expensive item that was more a luxury than a necessity. My quick response of “No” didn’t seem to surprise nor upset him. As he turned to walk away, he made this simple but profound […]


The Life And Times Of A Professional Inflamer

TheDiscipleMD They have been around before the beginning of time. They are professional inflamers. The Father of all inflamers is Lucifer. It is recorded that he inflamed others into rejecting the Plan of Salvation as presented by Jesus Christ.  John the Revelation recorded that Lucifer lead a revolt against God the Father and His son Jesus […]

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