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Ancestral Forgiving Has Its Roots In Godliness!

TheDiscipleMD I was reading in the scriptures early this morning and came across a 2073 year old letter. Actually two letters. The letters are recorded in the fifty-forth chapter of Alma. One was sent by Moroni the General of the Nephite armies, to the leader of the invading Lamanites, Ammoron. Moroni’s letter is admonishing Ammoron to cease and […]


Dear Daddy!

TheDiscipleMD “Dear Daddy.” That is how the note began that my little daughter wrote on the day I was informed of my sister’s untimely, and unexpected passing; and somehow, finding her note on my pillow that night brought great comfort. The words she wrote were simple and to the point. Her note simply read: “Dear […]

G.I. Joe

It Was Just A Ken Doll ‘In Disguise’!

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago I read an article from Time called “The 100 Greatest Toys of All-Time”. On that list were many toys I enjoyed as a kid such as the Yo Yo, plastic Army Men, View-Master, Slinky, Magic Eight Ball, Silly Putty, Mr. Potato Head, the Wiffle Ball, Superball, Play Doh, Troll Dolls, and the list […]

baby steps

Tackling Life One ‘Baby Step’ At A Time

TheDiscipleMD A 1991 comedy film called “What About Bob?” centers on a multi-phobic psychiatric patient of a doctor who advises him to overcome his lifelong problems by taking “baby steps”. His advise is meant to help the patient slowly, with the emphasis on the word “slowly” being key in overcoming his phobias. Bob takes his advise […]

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