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The Flagmen

TheDiscipleMD It seems that my whole life I have been driving on roads that are “under construction.” The road leading to my office seems to have been that way for years. A few years ago I passed by a familiar person, “the flagman.” He looked like your typical construction worker; hard hat, bright orange vest, […]

hugh nibley

Who Is Righteous?

TheDiscipleMD Recently I read a quote from Hugh Nibley who once said: “Who is righteous? Anyone who is repenting. No matter how bad he has been if he is repenting, he is a righteous man.  There is hope for him.” When I read the above quote, I sat back in my airplane seat and pondered […]


Innocent…But Guilty! (The Fate Of Unbaptized Children)

TheDisicpleMD   Perhaps you have never experienced this in your life but I have. Much like when I disturb my wife by snoring at night, she on occasion, wakes me up in the middle of the night with her involuntary hysterical laughter. It doesn’t make me mad, like my snoring does for her…I mean, how […]

value meal

When Your Favorite Food Is Value Meal ‘#7’!

I venture to say that most American families are not sitting down, as they once did, to eat regular home-cooked meals. This fact was comically brought to the forefront of my mind when a senior on a local high school basketball listed in the school sports guide that his favorite meal was “Value Meal number […]

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