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gladys knight

The Rainbow Of Colors So Merry And Bright!

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago the Saints United Voices Choir directed by Gladys Knight came to our town. The program and testimonies presented were wonderful, but I suspect it was different from what most members are used to hearing. Presented were songs of worship popular in the African-American community like “Amazing Grace” and others; from the Spanish community in […]


A Constant Calm In The Midst Of Storms

TheDiscipleMD I immediately liked him, even when he was just a name written in a letter to me. That’s how I first heard of him. My baby sister had pledged to me when I left for my church mission to Argentina, that she wouldn’t get married till I returned. But within six months a letter […]


Thirteen Lessons I’ve Been Taught By ‘Life’

TheDiscipleMD “There is almost always a price to be paid for declaring oneself a “lone wolf.” The risk of so doing far outweighs any benefit one could derive. Keep close to the family, keep close to the church; keep close to the Lord! We were never meant to travel the road of life as a […]

December Portland 400

When Your life Hangs In The Balance…What Do You Think Of?

TheDiscipleMD As our Jeep headed over the embankment, our eyes met! I wondered, as I felt the car start to roll, if this would be the last time our eyes would meet in this life? Was this the way life would end, for me, for my wife, for us both?” (November 21, 2010) We had […]

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