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The Early Bird Gets The Worm But It’s The Second Mouse That Gets The Cheese!

TheDisicpleMD All of us know the fable of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare” and it’s moral.  Patience and endurance can and will pay off in the long run.  Victory doesn’t always go to the swiftest.  There is a related saying that was passed along to me by my mother which says: “The early bird gets […]

divine intervention

Is Divine Intervention Real?

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago my wife and I were prepared to move to a certain town and at the last minute things fell through. We ended up settling in another town that was close by. In retrospect, the change in where we lived ended up having a great impact for the good in our lives. […]

Garrett Stephenson

Scouting/The Philadelphia Phillies-A Decision!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago my nephew was a starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. It was an exciting time for the entire extended family as the chance of having “one of your own” actually playing professional baseball is a once in a lifetime thing. It is quite amazing to sit in the stands, […]

Open hands begging

When ‘Somebody’s Mother’ Passes Our Way

TheDiscipleMD My Mother has now been deceased for many years. But on her birthday, which is today, I was reminded of another woman who passed my way this past year. She stood beside the road on that cold winter day, with a cardboard sign that said, “Need HELP.” I sat in my warm car and […]

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