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When We Love To Wear ‘The Badge Of Rebel’

TheDiscipleMD Countless there are, movies, plays and the like; that tell the exciting and courageous story of the non-conformist who changes everything that is bad about a society and it’s accepted mores. Consequences be damned the story goes! The rebel stands up against all odds and changes the world. The story usually ends with good […]


Same Ground, Same Fate!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t know why it is, but when someone famous passes away, it sets me into a pensive mood. Pensive, because when I hear of their passing, famous people are often cited for their body of professional work. A businessman is acclaimed for his industry. Someone from the arts for their creative mind or […]


Doth This Offend You?

TheDiscipleMd We live in a ‘time of offending.’ It seems many of us get ‘offended’ over what other people think, say, and do. A careful study of history reveals to us that every age is a ‘time of offending.’ From the beginning becoming ‘offended’ has been with us. Cain was ‘offended’ when the Lord did […]


In Time, His Mighty Face Reveals All Truth!

TheDiscipleMD For centuries man grappled with this incredulous story: “And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee…To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. And the angel came in unto her, and […]

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