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When We Love To Wear ‘The Badge Of Rebel’

TheDiscipleMD Countless there are, movies, plays and the like; that tell the exciting and courageous story of the non-conformist who changes everything that is bad about a society and it’s accepted mores. Consequences be damned the story goes! The rebel stands up against all odds and changes the world. The story usually ends with good […]


Same Ground, Same Fate!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t know why it is, but when someone famous passes away, it sets me into a pensive mood. Pensive, because when I hear of their passing, famous people are often cited for their body of professional work. A businessman is acclaimed for his industry. Someone from the arts for their creative mind or […]


The Schoolmaster Of The ‘Compressed Curriculum’

TheDiscipleMD Great are the words of Neal A. Maxwell; profoundly stated almost twenty-years ago. “Uncertainty as to our longevity is one of life’s basic realities for all of us. Hence, you and I should importune in faith for the blessings we deeply desire, but then be “content with the things which the Lord hath allotted […]


The Story Is Told Of An English Farmer

TheDiscipleMD The story is told of an English farmer at work one day in his field when he saw a party of huntsmen riding about his farm.  Concerned that they might ride into the field where the crop could be damaged by the horses, he sent one of his workmen to shut the gate and […]

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