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The Assassination of My Innocence

TheDiscipleMD It has been 53 years ago to the day, since the assassination of my innocence. The human eye is like a camera, the lid is like a shutter. You blink and somehow an image is recorded in your brain. Sometimes the recorded image stays for a short time. Sometimes it fades over years. But at […]

puzzel pieces

What Is The Most Important Piece Of A Puzzle?

TheDiscipleMD My brother once asked me, “What is the most important piece of a puzzle?” I thought about it and couldn’t come up with a good answer. I replied, “A corner piece?”, to which he said, “No, it’s the picture on the puzzle box.” Well, I didn’t consider the box part of the puzzle but when […]


A ‘Smart’ Lesson From Alex And Ani

TheDiscipleMd I was waiting outside the store as my wife was picking out ‘another’ braclet from inside Alex and Ani when I spied a young lady and her mother come out of the store. The young lady was beaming as it was apparent that she had purchased a new bracelet. She was moving it around […]

abraham and issac

Did Sarah Know?

TheDiscipleMD In Genesis the Lord commanded Abraham to offer his only son as a sacrifice. Most of us remember this as a story of Abraham’s great faith in being obedient to the Lord’s command, yet there are other lessons to be learned. Often lost in this story is the pain that Abraham and Sarah experienced […]

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