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No One Is ‘Anonymous’ To The Lord!

TheDiscipleMD LOS ANGELES :”…the violet-eyed film goddess whose sultry screen persona, stormy personal life and enduring fame and glamour made her one of the last of the old-fashioned movie stars and a template for the modern celebrity, died Wednesday at age 79.(Published: Wednesday, March 23, 2011. By David Germain, Associated Press). I never met the […]


When Our Rendezvous With God…Is Only An Intersection Away!

TheDiscipleMd This past week there was a tragic auto accident that took the life of a young mother.  The accident occurred at a local intersection that I pass through on a daily basis. Taken in the prime of life I assume this young woman had great plans for her future. I am sure that she had […]


Should We Be Judged On The One Bad Inning Of Our Life?

TheDiscipleMD I was having lunch a few months ago with an old teammate of mine from high school days. He continues to be a good friend. We played on the same baseball team for many years. During the summer of my junior year he and I led our team to a championship. He was one […]

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He Knows Me By Name

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago Boyd K. Packer repeated this story in a General Conference address: “Let me quote from the diary of Joseph Millett, a little-known missionary of an earlier time. Called on a mission to Canada, he went alone and on foot. In Canada, during the wintertime, he said: “I felt my weakness. A […]

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