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Ravens vs Broncos

A Miracle From On (Mile) High!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t care how often professional football players bow their head in prayer after scoring a touchdown or how many times they point to the sky recognizing deity in their lives, I doubt that God cares one bit about who wins and loses football games, or any game, at any level…but I do…because on occasion […]


When You Are Called ‘The Least Valuable’

TheDiscipleMd A couple of years ago I saw a column written in a major publication that was titled, “The Least Valuable Player On Every Major League Baseball Team.” I didn’t read it out of principle. The title brought me back to a terrible experience I had as a young man many years ago. It was […]


Nuts Like Us!

TheDiscipleMD She was in her 98th year of life but her mind was as sharp as when she was in her prime. As she glanced about the old folks home, she once again had to remind Alice to stop tapping on the Parrott’s cage as it upset the bird and sent him squawking. Then she […]


The Girl Of Our Dreams

TheDiscipleMD THE MOST POPULAR POST OF 2016- JANUARY 4TH One of the most touching and romantic statements I ever heard was spoken by Gordon B. Hinckley at a conference in October of 2004. In his remarks, referring to his then recently deceased wife he said: “As I held her hand and saw mortal life drain […]

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