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When Midnight Comes To The Ball!

TheDiscipleMd Lost in the glamor of the story of Cinderella is a lesson that we might miss. By arriving at the ball while pretending to be someone she isn’t, Cinderella sets herself up for disaster as her “hoax” is sure to be revealed at the strike of midnight. I imagine she was nervous all night! […]


She Gets ‘High’ On Life!

TheDiscipleMd I’ve always been a firm believer that there is little good that comes from being in improper places even if our intentions are honorable. I know we are admonished to seek out those in both temporal and spiritual need, but I remember one friend who rationalized that since Christ associated with the sinners that […]


Why God Doesn’t Send Me His Angels! (He Gave Me Sisters Instead!)

TheDiscipleMD For most of us there comes a time when we seek divine help from our God above. We pray for His guidance and daily affirmation.  We seek for his mercy and many times for His love and for relief. Could He just spare an Angel from above who can come and relieve us from all of our cares! […]


My Work At The Pentagon (and other fake stories!)

TheDiscipleMD Every once in a while I wear a sport jacket that has a lapel pin on it of ‘The Pentagon.’ People seem to take note of it because they often bring it up in our conversation. More often than not they will ask if I used to work at ‘The Pentagon.’ I proudly tell […]

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