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better called paul

Saul…Better Called Paul!

TheDiscipleMD “The natural man is an enemy to growth and change. As an example, the words of the smoker reflect a typically-human attitude: “I have read so many terrible things about smoking that I have finally decided to stop reading.” My recent experiences underscore both the need and difficulty of change. Whether it is a […]


The Birth Of My Obituary!

TheDiscipleMD The day we are born is the birth of our obituary because it is the beginning of both our life and death. On that day we begin to live the life that will eventually spell out on paper, the final words that will define who we are! A number of years ago I was […]


May We Embrace Truth In All Its Forms

TheDiscipleMD While we may disagree with one another when it comes to religion, and who is teaching the whole truth; universal truths usually can be found in many religions and philosophies.  And while my Jewish friends may disagree with me regarding Jesus Christ and his divine role as Savior of the World, there is still much we can learn from […]

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The Appetizer And The Main Course

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending church with my Father. The instructor for Gospel Doctrine made a statement at the end of class that caught my attention. In summation of her lesson, which came from the scriptures, she said: “What we have touched upon today is only the appetizer. Please […]

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