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Do We Feel ‘More’ Equal

TheDiscipleMD “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal.” (‘Animal Farm’, George Orwell) In Orwell’s famous book a bunch of farm animals lament that they are treated as inferiors to their human masters so they rebel and start to develop their version of equality on the farm in which they reside.  But it […]

better called paul

Saul…Better Called Paul!

TheDiscipleMD “The natural man is an enemy to growth and change. As an example, the words of the smoker reflect a typically-human attitude: “I have read so many terrible things about smoking that I have finally decided to stop reading.” My recent experiences underscore both the need and difficulty of change. Whether it is a […]


The Birth Of My Obituary!

TheDiscipleMD The day we are born is the birth of our obituary because it is the beginning of both our life and death. On that day we begin to live the life that will eventually spell out on paper, the final words that will define who we are! A number of years ago I was […]


All Things Testify Of God!

TheDiscipleMD I recall once hearing a brother of mine, in his teenage years, say to my mother, “You relate everything to the gospel!”  It was said as more of an “indictment” rather than a compliment. I recall that conversation between them because as I grew older, I could see that, indeed, it was true. If […]

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