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pearl of great price

The ‘Pearl’ Is Worth The Price

TheDiscipleMD Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “Some years ago a friend told me of a conversation (that) he had with another member of the Church. My friend had asked whether his associate felt close to his Heavenly Father. The man replied that he did not feel close. Why not? He said, “Candidly, because I don’t […]


The Love Inside- You Take It With You!

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my wife and I  attended the funeral viewing of a man who was the father of a friend. Upon returning we viewed on TV an interview of the actor Patrick Swayze by Barbara Walters. Mr Swayze had been diagnosed with pancreas cancer and has since died.  The next morning  I taught a […]

Young woman using bluetooth headset

Surrendering The Bluetooth

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago my brother related to me of an interesting experience he had while visiting one of his son’s Sacrament Meetings. It seems that a brother had just been baptized and was being confirmed a member of the church that Sunday. My brother watched as this man walked forward for his confirmation […]

simon birch

“Does God Have A Plan For Me?”

TheDiscipleMD In the movie “Simon Birch”, the young boy Simon asked the preacher if God had a plan for him. The preacher answered that God did, but didn’t elaborate on what “that plan” was. The preacher gave the answer that he knew to be inherently right, but gave no explanation to the young man as […]

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