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Seldom Do ‘Good Memories’ Come From Unrighteous Living

TheDiscipleMd A number of years ago I spent the day visiting, with a number of my siblings, our “childhood.” Our elementary school, old ball fields, the homes in which we lived. We visited old neighbors, ate at old “watering holes” and visited the high school in which nine of us graduated. Most of all, it […]

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The Spiritual Buzzards

TheDiscipleMD I came upon them unexpectedly as I rounded a turn in the road. They quickly flew into the air as my car sped by. I have seen them many times over my life! Buzzards! They are messengers of impending doom and death, who circle over their wounded prey; waiting for the last dying gasps […]

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To Argentina With Love!

TheDiscipleMD I always root for Argentina and probably will till the day I die!  Why? It was almost thirty years ago that my father came down the stairs at our house and handed me a letter.  This was no ordinary letter, it was “the letter.” It was postmarked, “Salt Lake City,” and it was from […]


As A Man Thinketh

TheDiscipleMD It’s interesting how small conversations can stay with you. One such conversation occurred with my Dad over twenty-five years ago. I don’t recall why we were riding together in the car but this day found us traveling together over the countryside.  I don’t remember much about that day, the weather, the time of year, nothing…except an […]

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