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pearl of great price

The ‘Pearl’ Is Worth The Price

TheDiscipleMD Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “Some years ago a friend told me of a conversation (that) he had with another member of the Church. My friend had asked whether his associate felt close to his Heavenly Father. The man replied that he did not feel close. Why not? He said, “Candidly, because I don’t […]

Young woman using bluetooth headset

Surrendering The Bluetooth

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago my brother related to me of an interesting experience he had while visiting one of his son’s Sacrament Meetings. It seems that a brother had just been baptized and was being confirmed a member of the church that Sunday. My brother watched as this man walked forward for his confirmation […]


Socialized Salvation

TheDiscipleMD There are many fine and well-meaning people who support the philosophy of economic and cultural socialization. In their minds such a society would benefit the whole and leave none behind. And perhaps it appears that way. In a perfect world it might be so. Yet, a conversation I recently had with a good friend […]


It’s Easy To Be A Father; But Hard To Be A Dad!

TheDiscipleMD A Father can be biologically connected to a child, but a Dad is both emotionally, and spiritually connected to his children as well. A Father can often be found writing checks to support his children, but a Dad is checking in on his children each and every night to make sure of their welfare. […]

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