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silver dollar

Walking On Silver Dollars

TheDiscipleMd “An older boy and his young companion were walking along a road which led through a field. They saw an old coat and a badly worn pair of men’s shoes by the roadside, and in the distance they saw the owner working in the field. “The younger boy suggested that they hide the shoes, […]

diamond ring

The Father Of All Lies

TheDiscipleMD I was just 21, in love, and shopping for a wedding ring with my then fiancée. She locked her eyes on a ring that was a little more pricey than I wanted to pay.  The problem with buying something is that the salesperson always take’s the side of the “wantee”, hence, you are outnumbered, two […]

Lincoln Memorial

All Things Are Possible With the Lord!

TheDiscipleMD On February 11th, 1861, newly elected President Abraham Lincoln delivered a farewell speech to his home state in Springfield, Illinois, as he left for Washington D.C.: “I now leave, not knowing when or whether ever I may return, with a task before me greater than that which rested upon Washington. Without the assistance of […]


The Great Hope Of Every Man Who Has Ever Loved A Woman Like That!

TheDiscipleMD I was standing in the garage when I stopped her from leaving. As she sat in the driver’s seat of her car she rolled down her window so she could hear what I was saying. She put her chin on top of the door as she listened. As I looked at her sitting there, […]

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