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Our ‘Unhealthy Preoccupations’

TheDiscipleMD If you have ever seen the 1957 Academy Award Winning movie, “The Bridge on the River Kwai,’ you will not soon forget it. It tells the story of a captured WWII POW British officer who becomes so obsessed with building ‘the perfect bridge’ over a Japanese river called ‘Kwai,’ that in the end, to […]


When The Scales Fall From Our Eyes!

TheDisicpleMD Have you ever thought about someone else, “Why is this person so unlikable, or how could anyone love someone like him? Or what is their problem?” When we are called to serve individuals such as these, the scales fall from our eyes and something magical happens; we learn to genuinely love them. A wife […]

December Portland 400

Whether It Be Perfect I Know Not; One Thing I Know, ‘Whereas I Was Blind, Now I See”

TheDiscipleMD “Faith furnishes prayer with wings, without which it cannot soar to Heaven.” -St. John Climacus (525-600) I think one of the most interesting stories found in the New Testament is of the man who was born blind and then healed by the Savior. When the Pharisees hear of the miraculous healing, they desperately want […]

Eternal Companions

I Would Rather Go Out Of Existence!

TheDiscipleMD “I would rather go out of existence then to believe the thought that I will never be reunited with my wife.” So said my Father about his deceased wife, (my Mother), when he reached his 89th birthday. “Amen,” I said in my heart as I feel the same about my companion of more than […]

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