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wizard of oz

There’s No Place Like Home!

TheDiscipleMD Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home.” (“Wizard of Oz”). But what is home? Is it the place where you reside, your location of birth, or perhaps where one feels safe. Maybe it is not at a geological location at all. Maybe it is a state of mind! Most of us feel […]


“I’m Sorry” Goes A Long Way Towards Healing

TheDiscipleMD My second grade teacher was a tiny elderly woman named Mrs. Wells who despite her size held a commanding presence in our classroom. She carried a foot long wooden ruler, almost at all times, and wielded it freely in order to get the attention of the class. It was not uncommon for her to […]

see no evil

When Seeing, Hearing and Speaking Evil Is Called Good!

The DiscipleMD We live in an age where all around us good is being called evil, and evil is now portrayed as good. Hold fast to any moral principle and sooner or later you will be called intolerant, judgmental, mean, unchristian,  a bigot, or some terms better left unwritten. I wonder what Lucifer and his […]

iphone Nov 6 048

Do All Dogs (Really) Go To Heaven?

TheDiscipleMD Their names were Bullet, Ringo, Spy, Steffi, Gretzsky, and Diego. The name of our present family dog is Apollo. I know their names because I have considered them members of my family. As a boy the family dog provided comfort and companionship no matter the circumstance. Their love seemed to be unconditional. No matter how bad my […]

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