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urchin boy

If I Only Was The Fellow

The DiscipleMD While walking down a crowded City street the other day, I heard a little urchin To a comrade turn and say “Say, Chimney, lemme tell youse, I’d be happy as a clam If I only was de feller dat Me mudder t’inks I am.   “She t’inks I am a wonder, An she […]

jesus smiling

One Who Has A Testimony Is Easily Identifiable!

TheDiscipleMD The term, “Poker face”, comes from the card game of the same name. In the game of “Poker”, you are not supposed to let anyone know, by the look on your face, of what you are holding in your hand. Hence, the definition: “Expressionless: a face showing no expression and revealing nothing about what […]

optimistic dog

Lessons Learned From An Optimistic Hound Dog

TheDiscipleMD The height of optimism was best exemplified to me when my brother told the story of how his house dog barked and excitedly ran to the door, till the day he died, each time a visitor arrived…and it was never for him! The world in which we live can have a tendency to bring […]


The House That Built Me A few years back most of my siblings and I took “memory lane” and visited the area of our youth. I understand that for many people visiting their past can be painful. Old memories can bring up emotions best left buried under the foundation of their lives. Such is not the case for me. […]

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