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The Prospect Of A New Day!

TheDiscipleMD A couple of years ago  I was privileged to stay at my Father’s home for over a week. I was mostly in and out but on one occasion I was present for a meal that he and I shared. As the head of the house he took the honor of saying the blessing. It […]


I Love My Older Sister!

TheDiscipleMD When you have an older sister it seems you also are blessed with another mother, because you feel secure knowing she is there. When you have an older sister like mine, you really are! When you have an older sister, you are always the ‘little brother’ no matter what your age. And somehow her […]


Days Never To Be Forgotten!

TheDiscipleMD I received a short email from my younger sister a few years ago responding to a long ago event that I had shared via TheDiscipleMD. She wrote, ” I remember that so well- time sure has gone by!” For some reason, reading her response brought back another similar phrase written by Oliver Cowdery that […]

grandfather and child

Let Us Make A ‘Joyful Noise’ Unto The Lord!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t know for sure what it is about being part of a family. I don’t ever look at any other little kids like I do at my own grandchildren. All the other little boys and girls can be rather annoying to me, but my own; well they can also be annoying from time to time ,but…well their mine.  Yes, there […]

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