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An ‘Electric’ Christmas

TheDiscipleMd As I waited with my seven siblings on the steps of the unfinished basement I could hardly contain my anticipation. I was an eight year old boy, the seventh of eight children born to my parents. My eyes fixed on the doorknob waiting…waiting…waiting for it to turn and open up to the feast of […]


See Me!

TheDiscipleMD (Based on a true story) As he lay on his hospital death-bed, he watched as the Elders of the church passed him by. Somehow his religious affiliation has been left off his chart. As they administered and gave the sacred emblems of the Lord’s Sacrament to others around him, he wanted to cry out […]


The Message On the ‘Other Side’ Of The Stone

TheDiscipleMD Almost all headstones list the date of birth and death of the person, or persons, that lie beneath. As I recently visited the grave of my Mother, deceased, and my Father who is still living, I couldn’t help but take in the message they were sending to me, and my siblings, by the engraving […]

father and son

Forgive, And Ye Shall Be Forgiven!

TheDisicpleMD “Throughout Jack’s life, he and his father had many serious arguments. One day, when he was 17, they had a particularly violent one. Jack said to his father, “This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’m leaving home, and I shall never return.” So saying, he went to the house and packed […]

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