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Love Is A Song That Never Ends

TheDiscipleMD I recently became aquainted with a man who was involved in a tragic motorcyle accident.  It left him paralyzed from the chest down.  This man who was once so robust, depite being in his mid-sixties, is now confined to a wheelchair and spends much of his day in visiting hospitals  and recieiving medical care at home. I […]


Is Our Spouse Half-Empty or Half-Full?

TheDiscipleMD A woman once told me that she loved the fact that her husband was a take-charge kinda guy, but hated that he was…well…a take charge kinda guy! I think what she was really trying to tell me was she both loved and hated aspects of that attribute. And if we examine almost everyone, including […]

raining smiles

Raining Smiles

TheDiscipleMD If you have ever met that person who seems to be happy all the time, one whose constant traveling companion is a smile, you might think they can’t be for real…but for some it can! At least I know it is for my sister. Always bright, ever cheery, welcoming and warm; her life is […]

hide and seek

When Those We ‘Seek’ Don’t Want To Be Found!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago, before the advent of “soft” contacts, I wore the old fashion “hard” lens. These lens had a tendency to “pop” out of your eye if you had a sudden blow to the head or when you took them out of your eyes at the end of the day. Once while wrestling […]

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