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‘Banure’ Happens! (To Good People)

TheDiscipleMD I remember traveling with my family cross-country to visit my Grandpa’s  farm in Idaho  as a young child.  One memory I related about one trip was captured in an audio tape made by my parents. On the tape I related that I had stepped in some “banure.” In fact, as a kid, I recall that it […]

king and queen

Our ‘Once Upon A Time’ Is Now!

TheDiscipleMD There is an old Italian Proverb that says, “After the game, the King and the Pawn go into the same box.”  This proverb teaches us, using Chess as a parallel, that God created us all as equals. No matter how important some people are in this world, how much status they have, or how […]

car breakdown

Samaritans On The Highway Of Life

TheDiscipleMD Have you ever thought about the fact that as you speed down the highway,  the people in the other cars might be on the same road and going the same direction, but their experience might be completely different from the one you are having?  For instance, each car is a different make and model which can […]


May We Color Our World

TheDiscipleMD I believe that Heavenly Father has placed valiant spirits in all countries, religions, races and classes. I once testified to a young black man that he had been blessed with something that I didn’t have,  and could never hope to attain, which was the color of his skin. I believe there are certain people […]

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