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When We Love To Wear ‘The Badge Of Rebel’

TheDiscipleMD Countless there are, movies, plays and the like; that tell the exciting and courageous story of the non-conformist who changes everything that is bad about a society and it’s accepted mores. Consequences be damned the story goes! The rebel stands up against all odds and changes the world. The story usually ends with good […]


In Praise Of People Who Praise

TheDiscipleMD When I look over and examine the men and women who have had the most positive influence in my life, I have found that they all share one common characteristic; they have been people of praise. “The sometimes stern Duke of Wellington, in the sunset of his life, was asked how he could do […]

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A ‘Born Again’ Beggar

TheDiscipleMD Like me, if you believe in a Supreme Being, no matter what faith,  you have probably spent a lot time and energy petitioning for divine help. Most of the time, our petitioning could be classified as  a form of ‘begging.’ Not that there is anything wrong with being a ‘beggar.’  The scriptures, as recorded […]

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Yet, He Came!

TheDiscipleMD A photographer captured the moment and forever froze it in my mind. The image stands as a testament as to how ‘action’ speaks so much louder than words. It was 1974 and I was participating in the state wrestling finals which was held many miles from my hometown. I had just been badly beaten by […]

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