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If Only I Had Married Another, My Life Would Be So Much Better!

TheDiscipleMD Almost every decision we make in this life has consequences, be it good or bad.  None more so than the person we choose to marry and spend our life with.  Our partner becomes the mother or father of our children who has tremendous influence on their happiness and the moral values they are taught. […]

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A ‘Married’ Man On A Mission! (A Modern Day Story of Faith and Love)

TheDiscipleMD I have often admired the stories of early church leaders who, in the 1800s left home and family, by responding to the prophet’s call to serve missions abroad. How could they have left behind their wives and often children to serve! What courage, faith, determination and testimony, I thought! Such stories litter the rich […]

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When Death Is Welcomed!

TheDiscipleMD “Death would be welcomed” is what he said to me as I sat next to him on his bed the month before he died from pancreatic cancer.  My brother was in terrible pain and he grimaced in agony just saying the words.  My brother always had a positive outlook,  no matter what was going on in his […]

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But Complaining Is So Much Fun!

TheDiscipleMD Complaining about church leaders is so much fun that some of  us develop the habit of doing it our whole lives.  It’s just so much easier to be a complainer rather than a supporter. I think a good rule of thumb regarding complaining is that we should be willing to volunteer to be part of the “solution” […]

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