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A Time Of Forgiveness (Now A Legacy)

TheDiscipleMd (This wonderful woman passed away this past week. She left behind a legacy of forgiveness) Below is a story  of forgiveness that I have never forgotten as related by Gordon B. Hinckley.  I quote him. “A time back, I clipped a column from the Deseret Morning News, written by Jay Evensen. With his permission, I quote from […]

Jesus boat

The Jesus Boat

TheDiscipleMD The weather is an unpredictable thing. It is only in modern times that we even have the scientific ability to make educated guesses as to the coming week’s climate and precipitation. Through the miracle of satellites, not only are we able to reasonably predict the weather, but we are able to protect ourselves against […]


Patience: A Precious And Rare Virtue

TheDiscipleMD One of the great blessings afforded to us by living in modern times is the ability to be able to not only read inspiring messages that come from the Lord’s servants, but technology now allows us to hear their voices, see their faces, and feel of their spirit again and again as they deliver […]


Even For Good Men Life Is Full Of Disappointments!

TgheDiscipleMD Even for good men life is full of disappointments! The same can be said of good women. I have heard throughout my life as a business man, that sooner or later by obeying the “golden rule”  I would prosper. I have also often heard that “what goes around, comes around.” While I believe that […]

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