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The Tears That Fell From Their Voices

TheDisicpleMD I once met with a 14-year-old girl from my church per her request. The week prior she and I had both attended a church youth conference far from the streets of the inner city in which she lived. As we sat and talked her faced was filled with light as she related to me […]


Why God Doesn’t Send Me His Angels! (He Gave Me Sisters Instead!)

TheDiscipleMD For most of us there comes a time when we seek divine help from our God above. We pray for His guidance and daily affirmation.  We seek for his mercy and many times for His love and for relief. Could He just spare an Angel from above who can come and relieve us from all of our cares! […]


Turn Around And They Are Gone!

TheDisicpleMD Recently I was going through some old photo albums.  One photo caught my then 20-year old daughter and I dancing with her face towards the camera. As I looked at her face I could see my little girl of long ago who used to ride my back as I gave her ‘horsey’ rides. Time […]


“I Don’t Think You Know How Much I Love You!”

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my family had a special evening to celebrate the life of my older brother who was dying of a terminal disease.  He seemed to enjoy the evening although it was evident to me that he was in pain.  For me, it was a wonderful evening that testified of the love and support […]

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