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A ‘Haunting’ Lesson From A Halloween Past

TheDiscipleMD The other night I was reminiscing with my wife about a Halloween night of my childhood. I don’t recall exactly what age I was, but I know I was around ten. As kids we normally traveled in small packs on Halloween night, more than two but less than six. On this night I had pared […]

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“I Hate My Legs!”

TheDiscipleMd Over twenty-five years ago I sat at the bottom of the driveway to my house waiting for the school bus to come. Seated next to me in the car was my then six-year-old daughter, who was in first grade. As we chatted she blurted out, “I hate my legs!” Somewhat taken back and curious […]


Doth This Offend You?

TheDiscipleMd We live in a ‘time of offending.’ It seems many of us get ‘offended’ over what other people think, say, and do. A careful study of history reveals to us that every age is a ‘time of offending.’ From the beginning becoming ‘offended’ has been with us. Cain was ‘offended’ when the Lord did […]


I’ve Got A Winner In You!

TheDiscipleMD In 1978 I met a girl at college who later became my wife. Our short courtship lasted only five weeks before we became engaged and from the day we first met to the day we were married was just over three months. I know the conventional wisdom of today is that you need to be in […]

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