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Rolex Press Kit 2010

Prove To Me That God Exists!

TheDiscipleMD Over the course of my life I have had a number of conversations with individuals who challenge the existence of a supreme being. They want some kind of proof that a God exists. A number of years ago I took some church youth on a short hike. Prior to the hike I had gone up the trail  […]


A Monumental View Of Heaven

TheDiscipleMd Having grown up in the suburbs of Maryland gave me proximity to our Nation’s capital.  In fact, I was born in it.   So, on occasion as a family, mostly when relatives came to town,  we would go sightseeing to Washington D.C.   One of the sites we often visited was the Washington Monument.  Erected in […]


And We Lived!

TheDiscipleMD “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” (FDR’s First Inaugural Address) The thrill of being on our rooftop was exhilarating made more so by the fact that my father was the one who had hosted us up to explore. The back patio of our one story home provided a place where […]


There Will Be No Rent To Pay And Nobody Will Ever Put You Out Again!

TheDiscipleMD Service to others was always a hallmark of the Savior. Thomas Monson told of an example of service that his grandfather displayed when he related the following story.  I remember listening to his talk and feeling that the essence of the gospel was best demonstrated by this story. “My mother’s father, Grandfather Thomas Condie, also taught me a […]

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