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Did I Not Speak Peace To Your Mind?

TheDiscipleMd Recently I was inspired by a book entitled, “The Crucible of Doubt”, written by Terrly and Fiona Givens. I would recommend it.  There are wonderful concepts that reflect on the quest for faith, as states the subtitle. I quote from their book this insightful challenge. “It is useful at such moments of doubt, if we can’t exercise faith […]

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The Shattered Music Box (The Drummer Boy Played On!)

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I was preparing to teach an early morning religious class for our youth. It was centered on the gift of “spikenard” that Mary used to anoint the head and feet of the Savior just prior to his death. The lesson asked the instructor to bring to class a memorable “gift” […]


If We Never Face The Foe; The Game Is Already Lost!

TheDiscipleMD My assistant coach tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Your son is crying out on the mound.” I turned and looked out to see my eight year old son, my star pitcher; with baseball in hand and tears coming down his face. As the head coach I looked at the umpire and called […]


“Do You Have A Pig?”

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago I was in a priesthood leadership meeting. That particular meeting we had invited a representative of the physical facilities to address us on how we could help teach the members of the church on how to properly treat and maintain our buildings. The gentlemen who came to speak to […]

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