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May The Flag Of Our Fathers Wrap You In Love And Honor!

TheDiscipleMD It was 1977 and my plane had just landed in America. I had spent close to two-years in South American without ever seeing the United Sates Flag waving overhead. But there it was; flapping majestically outside the JFK Airport in New York City.  The fifteen of us stood there in awe.  I don’t know how the […]


Confessing The Lord’s Hand In All Things

TheDiscipleMD (At the passing of Alden Halsey, a great man and Patriarch, today’s post is a repost of a message I shared a number of years ago. His footprint has been deep in the lives of those who were privileged to know him. I cherish every interaction I had with him over my lifetime.) Several […]


Looking Out Our Golden Windows With Envy

TheDiscipleMD “There once was a young boy who lived with his loving family near the top of a mountain that overlooked a beautiful canyon. Across the canyon, near the top of another mountain, the boy could see a beautiful home whose windows shone like gold. From his home, the boy dreamed of how wonderful it […]

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To Love A Nurse Is To Love an Angel! (In Praise of Nurses Everywhere)

TheDiscipleMD The past number of years I have been privileged to be married  to a loving registered nurse. Before that I was married to the same women, but one who didn’t carry that same designation. She has always been loving to me and to our children.  But now she is able to bless the lives of so […]

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