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library door ajar

The Library Door; Slightly Ajar

TheDiscipleMD The door to the library in the house I grew up in was always cracked, just a bit. An open invitation to come in and “explore” me.  I have many recollections as a boy and later as a teenager of images from the library. Throughout my life I would walk by it and peek inside. Often inside there […]

freedom is not free

May The Flag Of Our Fathers Wrap You In Love And Honor!

TheDiscipleMD It was 1977 and my plane had just landed in America. I had spent close to two-years in South American without ever seeing the United Sates Flag waving overhead. But there it was; flapping majestically outside the JFK Airport in New York City.  The fifteen of us stood there in awe.  I don’t know how the […]


Confessing The Lord’s Hand In All Things

TheDiscipleMD (At the passing of Alden Halsey, a great man and Patriarch, today’s post is a repost of a message I shared a number of years ago. His footprint has been deep in the lives of those who were privileged to know him. I cherish every interaction I had with him over my lifetime.) Several […]


Looking Out Our Golden Windows With Envy

TheDiscipleMD “There once was a young boy who lived with his loving family near the top of a mountain that overlooked a beautiful canyon. Across the canyon, near the top of another mountain, the boy could see a beautiful home whose windows shone like gold. From his home, the boy dreamed of how wonderful it […]

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