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The Pattering Of Little Feet

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago I awoke from a good nights sleep to a familiar sound. It was a sound of days long past. As I lay in bed it took me a moment to recognize it. It was the sound of the “pattering of little feet.” It was the noise made by the sound of […]

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Touching the Veil Through Small Children

TheDiscipleMD There are numerous scriptural accounts of the tender spot that Jesus Christ had for little children. None is more spiritual than the account of Christ’s blessing of the children when he came to the American Continent after his resurrection! “And it came to pass that when Jesus had made an end of praying unto […]


Confessing The Lord’s Hand In All Things

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago I was attending a Stake Conference presided over by  Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Twelve. The conference was filled with good advise and inspiring counsel.  I throughly enjoyed the messages. One of the more inspiring lessons I was taught wasn’t while I was seated in the meetings.  Rather, it was in a […]


With Gracious Honor! (The Blessings of a Father-In-Law)

TheDiscipleMD He is now up in age. I first spoke to him on the phone. It was a tense moment, asking him for his daughter’s hand! It was 1978 and he had never met me or even knew that I was in love with his daughter. I remember the feeling of the conversation all these […]

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