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The Greatest Man To Ever Ride In My Car

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I received a last minute phone call at my office asking if I would be available to drive an important business magnet and church leader to a meeting that evening. I said I would, and since within hours I needed to be on the road,  the first thought that came to mind […]


I Just Do!

TheDiscipleMd One lesson I learned during the first years of my marriage is that expressing your love and devotion to your wife is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, the law of the Lord has always been complete and full giving of one’s heart and soul to your husband or wife. I am […]


When All The Kids Are Gone, Do We Know The Person Left Behind?

TheDiscipleMD When we hold our first child in our arms, it seems that they will be ours forever; but they won’t!  When our last child disappears behind airport security as they leave for college, have we taken sufficient time to know the person who is left behind? Who is that person left standing next to […]


The Divine Nature And Destiny Of Marriage

TheDiscipleMD In 2012 my wife and I traveled to the heart of New York City to celebrate a wedding anniversary of her sister and her husband. They were visiting New York from Portland, Oregon. For me, the highlight and most insightful moment of the night happened late in the evening after dinner when the four […]

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