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The Divine Nature And Destiny Of Marriage

TheDiscipleMD In 2012 my wife and I traveled to the heart of New York City to celebrate a wedding anniversary of her sister and her husband. They were visiting New York from Portland, Oregon. For me, the highlight and most insightful moment of the night happened late in the evening after dinner when the four […]


Listen To Your Mother

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago, I was reading in the newspaper when I came across an article entitled “Elusive family friendly TV.” Written by Linda Chavez, it opens with this paragraph: “Am I imagining it or is television becoming even more family unfriendly? For years now, primetime television fare has offered a steady diet […]

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The Library Door; Slightly Ajar

TheDiscipleMD The door to the library in the house I grew up in was always cracked, just a bit. An open invitation to come in and “explore” me.  I have many recollections as a boy and later as a teenager of images from the library. Throughout my life I would walk by it and peek inside. Often inside there […]

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The Love Etched In A Father’s Heart

TheDiscipleMD Through the centuries of recorded history there are numerous examples in Holy Writ of the relationship between fathers and sons. One of the more moving accounts involves the relationship between King David and his son Absalom. I think what most impresses me about this story is the love that David has for his son, […]

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