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Eternal Companions

I Would Rather Go Out Of Existence!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD “I would rather go out of existence then to believe the thought that I will never be reunited with my wife.” So said my Father about his deceased wife, (my Mother), when he reached his 89th birthday. “Amen,” I said in my heart as I feel the same about my companion of […]


When All The Kids Are Gone, Do We Know The Person Left Behind?

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD When we hold our first child in our arms, it seems that they will be ours forever; but they won’t!  When our last child disappears behind airport security as they leave for college, have we taken sufficient time to know the person who is left behind? Who is that person left standing […]

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My Reflection In Her Face

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A number of years ago my wife and I were wallpapering in the house. She was up on the ladder and I was dutifully being the “helper.” As we talked, she would look down and ask me for different things. I would gaze up and look at her face as she would […]


A Marriage Of Manipulation

Print or EmailTheDisicpleMd Have you ever been with a  married couple and seen one of the spouses try to manipulate the other?  We all have seen it and perhaps many of us have been guilty of it. It’s wrong! The unfortunate aspect of manipulation is that often the innocent party doesn’t recognize it because, well, when […]

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